Interesting Soccer Stuff

Over the last year for those who keep up with soccer would have noticed a huge push for Europe invading the US.

As the US is the last fresh ground for international play, it seems that our teams are getting more and more attention from overseas.

This is a good point of that. A major EPL (English Prem League) team willing to venture to the US for tournements? David Beckham opening a series of soccer schools in the US? Where is all this leading too?

Germany! 2006 could be the year we field a team that will compete at world cup! Currently sitting at #5 in the world for the first time ever! The US is able to field at least 20 soccer players that can compete on the international level! We know we have girls that can compete but now the guys can too!

MLS started this weekend and it could shape up to be a good year. I watched two games this weekend and I was once more suprised how chippy the games were. I know that the EPL has much harder fouls but damn MLS is just chippy.  Chivas USA won their first game and DC United has a draw.

Buddy of mine have been talking and it would be cool if they did MLS promotions and relegations like the EPL with our USL but I don’t think we have enough MLS teams or support to handle that.  We have to many sports in the US and none of them have that type of system but damn it would be cool.

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