I Still Hate the San Jose Airport

It never fails!  I can not get on a flight to get the hell out of San Jose ontime!  Just once….Man I was gonna head over to Bay 101 and see if any of the big boys were in town playing too but said……NOOOOOO….don’t wanna miss the flight.  That would have been bad. 

I have a big birthday weekend planed out.  I have Seahawks tickets for Sunday and I have a poker tourney tomorrow night.  I also have some other stuff going on like a soccer game and dinner and such.  I can’t believe I am turning 32 years old.  it just seems wrong that I am this old.  The funny part is I know someone else that is turning that old this year too.  They will never admit that but I know the truth.  This same person was carded to sit in the emergency row exit on a flight recently which I think is totally funny.  Maybe I will get home tonight……Maybe….At least I am sitting in first class that takes away some of the pain.

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