Home Sweet Home

Today marked the first full day in the new house.  I never thought about what it would feel like to be a home owner again.  The feeling is surreal, its very weird to be in my own house.  Today was full of adventure, the dish guy was here and got everything perfect for me (which is the first time I have 3 working tv’s in my house).  We had a blinds company come in and give us an estimate which was crazy!  The furnace guy came by and got things cleaned up and ready for winter. 

We have decided to look for other blinds stuff since the company was way expensive.  I also talked to the furnace guy about putting in a whole house tankless water heater (which is just out of reach at the moment).  I headed to lowes and got smoke detectors and a dimmer for the family room.  It was to dark to put it in tonight with the power cut off so that will be done in the morning.  

Tomorrow I need to borrow my friends truck and pick up a load of stuff from the old house.  The old house has some lawn stuff, outdoor furniture and some odds and ins.  The have a cleaning crew coming in on Saturday to do the move out clean so we should be fully out by the end of the weekend.

So much going on its hard to keep it all straight.  I cant wait for the new dining room table on Saturday.

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