Hey Freddie Fuck You!

Hey Freddie I have read your recent comments about moving to Celtic and how great that is cause of the passion. Fuck you, you do not know what passion is. You had a chance to make your own kingdom but you pissed that a way in Seattle didn’t you. You had your shot at being the BIG man for change and you could not live up to the task.

I love to see you choke on what ever team you play on you washed up Swede. Your lack of passion is what sent you on the down hill here in Seattle. Your lack of team continuity is what failed you. You not being able to play the same game that we as western hemisphere players have to endure to be successful. You are just a washed out pretty boy that could not play with the passion it takes to be a Seattle Sounder.

Some day maybe you will will figure out what passion is. Maybe you will figure out that YES 30K plus is a HUGE draw for any game. Regardless of you play for the rest of your coaching and playing days I promise you I will hate you for saying that we have no passion.

Where where you on 9.2.2009? Apparently not on the same field or plane we where. Remember that first team trophy? Apparently not you dumb ass. Well we have 2 now and where were you? NOT in Seattle for the second one. Thats right your silly ass decided to walk away to Chicago who you couldn’t handle either. Well thats just as well cause the Hoops will see through your silly ass and pin up boy dreams and realize that you have no further use to them either.

Thanks for trashing my league and everything we did for you and your sweet dog you jilted bastard.

Forget what you did in MLS and relive the glory days cause thats about all your worth.

Your former Seattle Sounders Friend.

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