Google Reader

Well I have finally found a replacement for newsgator!  Though google reader is not new, it has been updated.  It now gives you alot of features that I have been looking for.  A nice lefthand bar that shows the feeds and the ablity to view new posts only.  Its fast and works very much like gmail.  There is also auto subscription feature in firefox 2 RC1 that allows you to get it right in the reader!  Super Nice!

I know that there is a ton of RSS readers out there that are great on there stand alone abilities but I wanted on that was completly web based.  One that I could use on multiple computers at any given time and not have to worry about moving from the mac to the pc and vice versa.  I know that newsgator can do this but google had done a much much better job of getting it done.

Go Check it out: 

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