Good Luck at the Tables

So I figured I would head down to the local $20 buy-in at the card room down from my house tonight.  I have played there a few times and have done well each time.  The regulars where there and I sat down with my 2k in chips and I had a few regulars at my table.  I have Big Man in seat one (pretty aggressive), old guy seat 2 (never seen him), young asian guy in seat 3, older lady in 4, pretty tight old guy in 5, joe “i just saw poker on TV” guy in 6, me, Big Man’s friend in 8, Ramon (house shark) in 9, and older asian guy dealer 10.  We are sitting 3 tables of 10.  The regulars are talking smack and the drinks show up.

Cards are in the air and I am not hitting anything the first few hands but we lost 2 real quick.  Older regular comes over to fill spots.  I hit a hand and play it well J10s and get paid off on the river for bout 1k hit a straight and looking at a straight flush 89s and Qh on the board.  SO the Filler older regular gets smacked in the face so hard he knocks out 2 real quick and starts running the table.  Blinds are going up quick with 15 min. rounds.  I am in the BB with a pair of 6’s I have a caller and the SB comes in so I jack it up to 600, Blinds are 100/200.  I get an all in for 1k and and a call.  So I have bout 3k and I was like ok all in.  And the SB goes all in for less.  The Cards turn and I was amazed to see what I was up against.  I see All In with A4o and 23h.  I have only one over card to worry bout to rake a huge pot!  The Flop is nice to me and gives me a set it was a perfect flop.  No Ace and a 2, 6 and 9 all black!!!  So now I am looking to skate by with 2 players out and turn and river provide no relief to my players so I double + up and I see a few more hands before the table change.  During this time I only played the blinds with jack shit but I was able to pull some blind money.  Nothing to speak of but enough to carry me through to the final 10.

Blinds on the final table are 400/800 and I am sitting under the gun with jack shit.  BB hits me with 89 Suited and make a few bucks with a great straight draw on the turn.  I pick a few little pots but I am looking at maintaining my small stack and letting the big hands go at it.  I pick up a J10s and I raise it up and folds around to the BB who goes all in and I call with 100 bucks left.  He has 89o and the flop comes 9 Q K.  I am freaking out now the turn comes a 10 and has made his straight.  I am thinking I am going home but the river produces a huge ace to leave him with a 100 and me with a timely double up.  The next hand comes around and I have 55 and the big blind(dude I just rake the river straight from) is all in with less then the blind so make a raise and chase everyone else out and my pocket 5’s are looking at a big 36c flop brings a a club and so does the turn so I am a little worried but my hand holds up.  And I now am 10 handed to bring it home.

I lay low and let the shitty cards role away while I let the big stacks take out the table and I play a few hands to pick up blinds but thats about it.  Once we get down to 6 I look at the board to see the pay table.  I have to hit 4 to make $50, $80 for 3rd, $150 for 2nd and $250 for 1st.  Now I start to think hard.  This is where I normally open up and play crazy.  Tonight I was in a grove,  I locked it up and played where I needed for a round or so.  Blinds creeped up quick to 800/1600.  I let the big stack take out number 5 and now I knew I was in the money and 3rd with my stack.  2 hand into the money short stack makes a move and goes all in off the BB with a 2k bet.  I had 1600 in and both the the others folded so I called with K10d he had 68d and I was able to pick up a king on the flop and a 10 on the river to move into 3rd.

Now I am the small stack and the blinds go up to 1600/3200.  We play some hands and exchange some blinds.  I am in the BB and pick up the Hilton sisters (my nightmare of late)  and I had the SB already call so I push my 6800 remaining and I get a call!  We turn them and once more I am a HUGE favorite!  I see the big stack called with 63o.  Once more I hit a set on the flop and I double up!  Holy crap I am playing great.

Now I am pretty much even for 2nd and the big stack says lets chop it 3 ways and go home!  Now sitting with the choice of going home with a possible $80 for 3rd or grinding to $250, $163 is looking pretty good!  Its better then second and sure as hell better then $80 and since I was in 3rd I left it up to the Big Stack and #2 to make the choice so we chopped it 3 ways and I took home $163 for 2 hours work.

I can’t tell you how it felt to be on the move and playing well!  It was a grind but I hit money!


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