Going Home

Going home sounds weird. The place I grew and what I call home. Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, Baltimore and the mid Atlantic region. Home. Well home is a subjective place, home is where the heart is or where you are. My rules I guess are a it different. Home is no where. I am a traveler with no anchor. Even in my current home Seattle I may feel at home but ready to leave on the next plane out.

Returning seems weird, odd and not right. No one at the airport but I get to see some great friends. Some I have not seen in 20 plus years, others much newer. It seems somewhat confusing and different, going “home” should not feel like an weird kiss. I miss NoVa a lot and thought about maybe moving back. Then I think about the west coast and know if I did I would miss it so much. The tail of two cities and the 2400 miles that keeps me at bay.

Most of my family is gone from NoVa and my only ties are old friends and now work. It will be interesting to see the old hood. I have heard its nothing like I remember. Not as many trees and population growth through the roof. I guess I will see what my past has become. It will be interesting. Keep up on my twitter and Facebook and if you want to meet up let me know.

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