God Damn Dirty Hippies!

The tittle of the post is not so “PC” but I don’t really care. This weekend I went to REI to get a new water bottle. Why you ask? Well my company has decided that instead of the nice water bottles from arrowhead we would move to a filtered water solution. So I said ok….and decided to head to REI (cause I live in Seattle..well not really Seattle any more but you get the point). Expecting to get my nice new Nalgene bottle I was shocked and I mean shocked when I found out that 90% of the Nalgene line was no longer carried due to concerns over “BPA’s” (what ever the hell those are). So I had to settle for a nice “BPA Free” Camel Back liter bottle. Now the only thing that makes this whole thing ok is I got a sweet bottle lip thingie with a skull and crossbones cause I am that damn cool!

Well the whole thing would have been fine but there was what seemed like 47 million people buying new water bottles because they were scared of dying. So what do I…I come home and do some research and the hippies are now saying I am gonna die cause I drink water out of the BPA bottles. OMG BBQ!!!!!! I was thinking that it was some cool new thing but yet I find out that people are up in arms over this. Now for years people have been drinking out of lead, copper and animal skins but now we have to worry about plastic? Don’t they make kids sippy cups out that? Oh Shit that makes sense!!!!! BPA’s lead to ADD and leaving your kids to be watched by your tv!!!! HOLY CRAP I missed it and now it makes sense.

It looks like I can’t play soccer in Jersey now that they are closing Turf fields cause of the lead!!! Now I am not a science dude but the last time I checked, nylon did not have lead in it. I am pretty sure the lead is leaching from the ground cause of all the crap people have put into the ground. And really who has time to find this stuff???

The truth is its now people like me…its sad but I am one of those hippie type people minus the hemp wear. I am now concerned with the earth. Natural resources and the preservation of the earth are on my mind daily. I catch myself turning lights off and taking things out of the trash to be recycled. For fucks sake I compost now. FUCKING COMPOST….who does that.

Post of this story is Earth Day is coming go read about it…that is my PSA for the month of April

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