Getting Rid of the 2 Party System in the US

I have mentioned it several times here and there and every where but how long is it going to take my damn generation to wake up.  What would happen if I turned on the news and we were not just talking about Democrats and Republicans?  What if we had a multiparty (true multiparty) system where others think ideas to a more defined opinion of their political beliefs?  I wonder what people would think if they saw the agenda of the Socialist Party or what about if they really read about the Green Party.  

I have been hoping that the Tea Party movement picks up and it becomes viable for one and only one reason.  To allow the American people see that we do not have to vote left or right or down party lines.  To blur the lines and stimulate honest debate in America would be a fresh change of pace.  No more donkeys or elephants only, lets bring in the rest of the Zoo!

Last week I was talking to someone who tends to be more conservative then me over all and he said to me “Lee, your more conservative then you think you are”.  I thought about it and agreed with him.  Not because he was right or wrong but because I tend to lean personally to the right.  Now not to the right of center mind you, for every way I lean right I have a trait that leans left.  I believe in the right to bear arms but I also believe in you should have to prove you ability mentally and physically capable to handle the weapon you choose to own.  I believe in anyone of right mind to decide whats best for themselves without intervention of the government (abortion and euthanasia).  I believe in small government and that no one in my country should ever go without food.  I believe that we have more work then we are willing to do ourselves.  I believe the union for workers was a great idea but now hinders most business’s and cripples our local, state and federal government.  I believe that everyone in our great land should serve 2 years in some sort of program be it the military, peace corp or helping out in your own community in a legit program.  I believe anyone has the right to become a US citizen as long as they can serve 2 years, speak fluent English and pay their taxes.

I feel that the last 60 years of Federal dollars have been wasted without enough checks and balances requiring an undue burden upon the tax payer in America.  Federal waste during the 80’s was never accounted for.  Money spent for a “War” in Iraq the first time squandered on companies that are now set for life.  The money not spent to protect our troops during the first half of the second gulf war was criminal and everyone involved should be prosecuted to the highest level up to the death penalty.  The dollars spent on the work towards impeaching Nixon and Clinton were tax dollars wasted.  

I am not one to question the secret missions of the government with agencies like the CIA and FBI and who ever else.  If those dollars went to protect me I am ok with that.  I do question where those dollars where during the weeks leading up to 9/11?  I also question where the dollars where during the 90s leading up to the attack on US soil as I know it was not going into protecting the US Boarders.  You ask me how I know?  Well I worked on some of the oldest ships in the US Fleet.  So what you say?  Well I can tell you for a fact that dollars should have been spent protecting us not working to impeach a president that had some sex and may have had some family involvement in some bad real estate deals.

I love my Country to death.  I just wish we would open our eyes as a country and see that we have the right to choose who we vote for.  It does not have to be a Donkey or Elephant.  It can be the best person for the job.

Get rid of the two party idea in America as soon as you can.

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