Getting Ready to Leave

Well I am getting ready to head to the ATL tomorrow for a few days.  Well I am heading to Alabama but flying into Atlanta.  I just got my tickets on Friday so I could leave.

Now I was going to go there next week anyway but it seems that my trip plans were changed and now I am going to do something totally different.  This is cool but kinda weird.  I am looking forward to the remains of Hurricain Dennis.  That should be FUN.

In prepping for my trip I am now reloading my entire music collection onto my new Creative 5 gig Zen Micro.  I now have to make some changes to what music I will be bringing with me since I have more music then space.  I also have my DVD player charging up so I can take that as well.

Good News is I have a direct flight to Atlanta.  Bad news is it leaves way to fucking early in the morning.  I hate the airport anytime before 12pm but even more on a monday morning.

If anyone has any good music that I should be downloading from Rhapsody please let me know. 

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