Friday the 13th...Surgery Day

So last Friday 9am I went in for some knee surgery.  I made it out alive and almost under my own power.  It was a pretty surreal experience over all.  Everyone at the surgery center was really nice.  I was amazed that when I looked at my chart they said I was calm.  I guess I was pretty calm considering that I was about to go under general.  The interesting part is that my doc was way cooler in scrubs then in regular doctor clothes.  The walked me into the operating room, laid me down and we had about 45 seconds of chit chat before the mask went on and the IV push started…Thats when the lights went out.

I woke up about 2.5 hours later not knowing much other then I was in pain.  I kind of remember the doc telling me they had to do some extra work while they were in there.  The surgery took about an hour longer then expected but I was on my way home around 1pm.

I did get some heavy drugs and a full leg brace.  I did come home and slept all day Friday.  I think I managed about 2 hours of “Awake” from post surgery till Saturday morning at 7am.  I did get up in the middle of the night to take some more pain pills and that was the course of action for most of Saturday.

Sunday I was also up pretty early about 630 or so.  That is pretty amazing for anyone that knows me.  I did back off the pain pills quite a bit and switched over to just motrin.  I have been getting around the house pretty well since about Saturday.

Looks like the swelling has gone down quite a bit in my foot and I am pretty sure its been going down in my knee as well.

I have a post op surgery followup on friday so more to come.

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