Even More Soccer Stuff

Yes as you can tell I have bidding my time over the winter to get info out.  I have been watching the EPL and seeing some great soccer.  In preseason this year as I have for the last 3 years I have picked a team that got promoted from the Champs league and had them as my horse.  Well this year my horse did pretty well.  Wigan has surpassed my goal for them, which was to stay out of the relagation end of the bracket.  I had hopes for Crystal Palace last year but it went away as they dropped back down.

Well Crystal Palace has a chance to come back up but they are going to have to play some flawless football for the next few weeks.  Looks like Reading will be moving up with one of my Favorite US players!  Bobby Convey will be moving to the big show!  Sheffield UTD should also be making the big leap.  Next season can be exciting in the EPL.

Back on the homefront that includes some Champs league news.  The Seattle Sounders, 2005 USL Champs, will be playing Cardiff here in Seattle in July! Last year I got to see the Sounders play “soon to be back in the Champs League” Sunderland.  It was an awesome game and alot of fun!  I was thinking about going to see the Sounders Vs. Chivas USA but this will be a better game!

More soccer news to come!

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