Enjoy the Mac

Well its been a few days and my how Fanboyness can fade so quick. I love the Mac. I love OS X. I love the easiness of everything. Its taken alot to get use to in the first few days but I am moving to the dark side.

There is no way in hell I would continue to use a mac for DEV work or any thing of that nature. I would also never throw a game at the mac to try either. But for everything else why not?

The OS is smooth. Installing software has never been easier. The processor screams. I see why not to have a mac in the world. Its mingling fine here in its nice mixed world. No issues so far.

The next leap will be to upgrade to the network hardware in the house. I have been talking about it for a bit now. I am looking at MIMO with a,b,g for sure. I need to get the TIVO and the 360 ready for the move first. Since the mac and XP boxes are direct connect to the router its not a big deal for them. I am thinking that the office would work better with all wireless in the house though.

I miss my scroll wheel! Thats the only down side so far!

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