Duplication rife in online efforts to reunite evacuees

CNN.com – Duplication rife in online efforts to reunite evacuees – Sep 8, 2005

This is truly disgusting.  On Saturday I was talking with Amy about how we could help with the Katrina situation and I thought about creating a central database for people to post things.  Now I do not have the server space or the pull to get multiple agencies to buy off on such things but I had the Idea!  I knew that the major news media web sites were doing this and it hit me that you would have to post the data in multiple places and hope that someone sees it.  So I was digging around to see if I could pull some XML and it was a no go.  There was nothing to pull.  The data was poor to say the least.  All kinds of formats and data types it would have been something a large team of SQL devs could have handled but not one or two people with jobs.

After reading the article it kind of bothers me that even the Red Cross can’t get this done even though they have the resources and the system set up.  Is our country wrapped up in that much red tape that we can’t make this happen?

I have given some money and I thought about giving airline miles but they do not accept Alaska Air Miles so thats out.  Also wanted to head down there to do some pet rescue this weekend but I have some obligations here that will not allow me to do that this weekend.

I can’t begin to express my disappointment in the US Government is the way this has been handled.  I wonder what would happen to us here in Washington is Mt. Rainier blew.  What about a major earthquake?  If we can’t see this coming 3–5 days out and do something we are in all kinds of trouble.  Now I know we all love democracy here in the US but I think its about time we look at how other countries handle such thinks.  One in particular is Cuba.  I hate to say it but they have their shit together when it comes to hurricanes.  Why don’t we?

I have been riveted to the radio and TV and the Internet looking up info and news.  Trying to put it all together.  I can’t put it together.  I can’t look people in the eye and say “they are doing everything they can”.  This is simply because I don’t think they are.  They may now have supplies and people but thats it.

We have still lost a major metro city in the US.  One who’s major industry was tourism.  We have lost thousands of lives.  We have lost many little holds of history and culture.  Gone its just Gone.  Of course we will rebuild the town thats sinking.  Of course we will begin to rebuild those places.  How much thought will go into the rebuilding process.  Not much I am afraid.  This is a chance to redesign the entire infrastructure of the Central Gulf Coast.  Mass Transit, Technology, civic living.  A new start.  A true modern city.  One that we people who blog would love to live in.  One that can attract the new way of life.

Urban living for the 21st century.  Wow what a concept.  There is no one there!  You can’t displace them!  Rebuild!  Make it the best damn city in America!  Train those who want to live there to rebuild the city’s and towns and teach him to fish.  Rise up and let those who live under the poverty line become self sufficient!  Plumbers, carpenters, painters, iron workers.  This is the best opportunity since the great depression to improve an impovished portion of the country.

Maybe I am missing the big picture.  Maybe I am just young and stupid.  Maybe we need to do something.  Maybe…just maybe my hopes will happen.

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