Dr. Feelgood

There is a lot to be said about the state of the US Health Care system. The last few weeks there have been lots of this and that bickering about what should and should not be done. Obama is using his “Yes We Can” ideas which are fine and all and he has done something that I think most people in Washington would be afraid of, he gave a deadline.

We all know that deadlines in Washington are not something they are good at or like. This means that people have to work for a change. Just like the rest of us for the rest of us. I wonder if anyone cares if Congress misses their summer vacations? I personally don’t.

What do I think about the plans? Well I am personally in favor of socialized medicine but I am also pro choice in what I get. I think that like most things people need in America, people will find a way to charge you more for it. In the case of health care though its been out of hand for a long long time.

I have a pretty good health plan and I pay decent amounts of money for it but its a requirement. I have a kid and a wife these things are needed. But why does that amount need to go up all the time but as the price goes up the services and service levels go down? If I pay more money into the system I should get more correct? The price of drugs is not going up over all for the manufacturer is it? I am pretty sure its not. Does an MRI cost any more to produce films today then it did 2 years ago? I am pretty sure that it does not. I will say that the average cost of sending the doctor’s kids to private school has gone up as well as the country club fees. But its not just the doctor, its the insurance execs as well.

Health care is not a right nor a privilege for any US citizen and I do not claim it should be. What I do think is that the US pays for the worlds healthcare. Example I have back issues that require I take medication to reduce swelling and allow me to have a productive life. While in Mexico I was able to purchase the same medications I take here for the price it would cost me for one doctors visit and one trip to the pharmacy. I had to do the math but as this is a reoccurring thing with me I figured why should I pay $50 for 20 pills and a doctor that cant do much for me instead of just getting the same thing for 1/5 the price ($50 for 100 pills). Why in the US do I have to pay for medications or services that are drastically cheaper in other countries? Why can’t our healthcare system pay the same prices as other 1st world countries instead of absorbing the costs for other countries for their subsidies?

The concept does not make sense to me. Everyone at the upper management level wins but the rest of America loses. Now those pharmacy companies and insurance companies are making tons of money that we HAVE to pay into while they raise costs. I want reform and I want it now but I am not willing to lose my rights as a person to choose. I do not want to be forced to do what I don’t want to do but I think its time that we look at ways to bring health care costs down for all Americans.

Stand up and get what we all need, a functioning healthcare system.

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