Deep South Troubles

Being in Georgia this week has had me close enough to New Orleans that I have seen some of the effects of the devastation that levelled the deep south.  Now here in Georgia there was some bad rains and tornados.  There is a hurt’n for Gas around here but the thats about it. 

Here in my hotel there have been people coming in that you can tell have come from that area and are held up here.  Yesterday at breakfast I overheard one guy who was a business owner who was trying to figure out how to pay this workers.  There are some others that I have heard about and its been pretty tough to get a room here.  As if all this was not bad enough the talk of looters and shootings are just killing me.

I have no clue why as soon as the rain broke GW didn’t send some serious force down there.  The federal government should have been all over that place on Tuesday morning.  I know that the Coast Guard and the police have been kicking ass but its not the only set of resources that should have been there on Tuesday.

This is on the scale of 9/11 if not worse.  Though this was natural, We may lose as many souls as week did then.  We have also lost a major US city.  We have lost a city full of art and history.  We have lost thousands if not hundreds of thousands of houses.  Displaced people.  Huge numbers of those people are on the lower end of the income level.  They have lost everything.

I hope over the next few days the US figures out how bad this really is.  I hope there is an out pouring of support for all of these people like 9/11 and the Tsunami victims.  We will need much much more then both of those events to rebuild this horrible event.

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