Deck the Hall Ball

Last week I had the chance to head to Deck the Hall Ball for a local radio station.  The Killers were head lining along with Death Cab, Cold War Kids, Shiny Toy Guns and Aquaduct.  I missed Shiny Toy Guns and Aquaduct but I did get to see the rest of the show.

The Killers put on a great show though they only played a few songs off the new CD and a bunch of older stuff which was awesome!  I can only sum up Death Cab with the quote “Where is my rusty razor blade?” .  I did not say that but it was heard by me.  The Cold War Kids where out of this world….I would love to see them do a full 90 min set somewhere in a smoky bar with 17 people.  

The night started with a trip to get some of the best beer in the world Pyramid Snow Cap from the tap in SODO first and that was almost as good as seeing the Killers live.

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