Just found out someone I knew passed away recently.  She was a great person.  She was the kind of person that I figured would be around for a long time.

She had a great husband and 2 little boys.  I was only able to meet one of her children but I had known her for 12 years or so.  I catered her wedding a few years back. 

Its hard to look at this in a positive light at all.  She was 27 years old with a future.  She was strong in her faith.  She was taken way to early in life but I am sure she is in a better place. 

I heard she fought for several days and slipped away.  I know that her large family could not have been doing well during this time.  I know them well and a lose like this must be really hard on them all.

I have seen the death of young and old in my short life and neither is easy.  But to watch a parent or in this case both parents and grandparents it is extremely hard on the older generations. 

My prayers go out to her whole family.  They have lost a great girl.

Aubrey, I know you are in heaven right now.  Please look out for your family and keep them safe.

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