Damn Flights

Well it finally happened to me. I was on a flight with a medical emergency. One of the worst things you can ever hear on a plane, “If there are any EMT’s onboard, Please ring your attendent bell”. I was 2 rows back of the issue so I was able to see, hear and smell the whole thing.
It seems that around 3:45am on my flight from Seattle to Miami an older lady decided to get really sick. She was throwing up and passed out. She fell out of her seat and landed smack in the middle of the plane in her own puke. That was bad enough but she kept going for like an hour. A guy in the row behind me is a doctor and went and took her vitals and she was ok I guess just air sick. It was kinda gross smelling the puke and all for the last 2.5 hours of the flight.
I only thought things like that happened on TV.

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