Code Cleanup

So I got Dreamweaver for the Mac.  I fired it up and cleaned up the sidebar templete on the site.  It was driving me crazy as I have been editing over the last few months in several editors and not concerning myself with the code layout or anything.  So my first project in Dreamweaver was to clean that up.  I really like the way it looks now.  Most people won’t notice the difference in the page.  Some will but they will notice the code lines where cleaned up some of the tags and made it alittle easier to read.

The biggest change is I flipped the feedburner icon to a 16X16 icon and that makes me happy….

I am about ready to take on a new web project and I will be listing things here as they go.  Its an interesting project and I am looking forward to it.  I am not a Web Dev but I think its going to help me push my abilities into an area I am not super great in.

The client is looking for a site that they can modify easy once the site is up and running.  So I am looking at some stuff that is not heavy in DB resources but looks good.  DNN was my first thought but its going to require a SQL server somewhere.  Same with Community Server.  Both would be good apps to work with and would give them everything they need.  I don’t think that a straight blog tool with a UI will be enough for the amount of users.  Going back to the Community Server and checking them out again….

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