Carbon Leaf

Carbon Leaf is a really cool band. They are from Richmond, VA and have the Mid Atlantic Collage vibe going on.

The music is very heavy and light at the same time. I saw them a few years ago with Jason Mraz and Ziggy Marley at some Tree Hugger event. They had a great set and got me fired up about them. They are in my chill music collection. I guess that is a great place for them but I always begin to reflect on things because their lyrics are pretty heavy.

It seems that I have that kind of time on planes. I never thought I would listen to that much music but I do.

I have the Rhapsody now so I am getting tons of music going on. I really like it. Gives me that chance to get music and keeps things fresh. Oh and I don’t have to fight to get the stuff on my PC to upload it.

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