Calming down

Things are finally starting to get back to some kind of normal.  Most of the last 45 days have been full of change almost to much of it.  Between the fire and the move and the promotion at work and everything else things have been way way up.

Got a new computer at work today which is nice….its a MacBookPro 17inch.  Got it running Fusion for my 2 windows apps I got to run.  Everything else is all mac all the time!

The new house is nice.  Got most of it put together just in and outs.  I do like my new 10 minute commute.  It makes life much better.  The dog likes it here and its got a lot of space for her to roam.  I was able to pick up a new home theater receiver with the replacement money from insurance for my old system.  I got a nice Sony system for the same price as my old speakers.  I think its even better then the old system. Got the couch fixed and back as well and it looks good.

I got a few little goodies for Valentines Day too!  I got a new pair of Skull Candy headphones a a AV component setup for my iPod to stereo.

I am going to try to get back into writing here again.  As most of you can see I do have my twitter that I am updating with a bit more regularness.

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