Busy Weekend

Just finished packing up for my trip back east to meet the tail end of Hurricane Katrina.  I will be in south Georgia so that should be good times!  I am hoping that I make it there in one piece.

I just got home from playing my first soccer game in 6 months and I feel good.  The knee held up but my lungs did not fair so well.  Oh well I need to get back in shape and run when I can and work it back up to full strength.  I feel like I played pretty well and I had some good touchs on the ball and things went well.  The team played great over all and we won 2–0 which is great!  I hope to be able to play more ball over the next few months when I can.

Poker Poker Poker.  Well I moneied in my first PokerStars event it was a $5 SNG I took 3 but thats better then not placing at all.  I played in the PPI last night and had a rough start that got better and knocked out in 8th.  I had my money in and lost to a shitty 39s when I had QAo.  Preflop I bet out 450 with blinds being 75/150 and 39s calls?  I have no clue other then his reasoning was he was the big stack.  Its just me and him and the Flop comes Q39h.  I now have top pair top kicker and the Nut flush draw.  I bet 900 he goes all in and has me way covered and I took a shot.  What comes on the turn?  I black 3 giving him a boat I am now dead to a Queen.  It does not come but I did hit my Flush to lose and bust out.  Fuck.


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