Busy Busy

Well there is a lot going on today.  I have to work alot today.  I have stuff that needs to get done before I head out to Alabama tomorrow.  I will be working on that.  I also have the PokerStars blogger tourny in an hour so I will be playing in that while I work, watch the seahawks and do stuff to get ready for tomorrow.

I also have a soccer game at 8 and I am worried bout my ankle.  I tweaked it bad last week and its been bugging me since.  I think I might head out there early and pick up an ankle brace if I can find one.

Speaking of soccer I had to head over to Vashon Island yesterday to coach the girls.  I had to get up early to get on a ferry to be there by 10am so we could play at 11.  Well it seems that the coach from the other team forgot to tell us that the game was moved to 1pm.  So we were stuck on the Island for 2.5 extra hours.  I figured all the time we were there would burn the girls out as they were running and playing for that time.

Instead they kicked ass.  Our keeper got her 1st shut out and we won 3–0.  Great playing and movement worked to our advantage.  We were moving the ball so well.  Using the wings and getting great crosses to the strikers who were able to move well into the attacking end of the field.  We have been coaching this team for 3 years now and man they have finally got it.  So far this season we have a 3–1–1 record which is the best record we have had yet.  Even if we lose the rest of the games we have done so well that I can handle it.

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