Buried Alive

Well I am fighting through this week with all I got.  Between my back early in the week and work just mounting up its been a rough one. 

I have come to a conclusion though….Financial Businesses have no clue how to operate.  After working the last 6 months with 3 of the worlds largest banks I can honestly say they have NO CLUE.  I think the worst part is they don’t want to hear they have no clue.

I have taken on a new side project as well.  I guess they can’t come on when I have time but only when I can’t see straight.  I am installing a CRM for a small Seattle but it should go pretty smooth.  Its had me remember why I left working for small businesses.  It has almost forced me to go buy an Intel mac so I can run windows on my local machine. 

My Dell laptop shit the bed on some ram so I am going to be forced to fire up, wipe and create a new dev windows box here in the office.

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