Better Late then Never!

Ah 2008 where did you go?  It seems like so long ago since you were here but yet it was only 16 days ago.

That said lets recap the last year or so shall we.

Back in January I was getting ready to move from South Seattle to Sammamish due to a small house fire that forced me to leave the hood for greener parts.  During this move process I had to head to the GooglePlex for my first ever large tech company visit.  January also had some interesting career changes as I was made a manager of 6 guys.  The move was rough but it was for the better.

Feb-March was just unpacking and working alot not much going on except normal life.  March did lead to my first hire as a manager and some interesting thought provoking things about myself.

April was the real start of wakeboarding season and riding was where it was at as well as trying to work and live my new career as a manager.  Working a large client load as well as working on training and such.

May was a rough month.  After a day of fun on the water and then going to the gym I injured my knee.  I did not know how bad it was but it lead to a really rough next few months.  I started going to the doctor and finding out that my pateller tendion was jacked up as well as my menicus.

June lead to my surgery on the 13th.  I had to wear a brace for almost 6 weeks after the realignment of my pateller and other work.  This of course was during the height of wakeboarding season and bummed me out pretty bad.

July was a lot of work from home while I recouped from the surgery and such.  Got out of the brace and was able to drive again and of course I wanted to get back on the water but the doc was not real happy about that.

August rolled around and I was rehabing the knee and getting ready for my week in Shasta….I would be damned if I was not going to ride in Shasta.  The end of the month rolled aroud and we headed to shasta and I got back up on the board.  The sun, the rest, the away from the world with good friends held me straight for a while. 

September showed up and the work started coming non-stop.  Large amounts of clients, people on vacation and all kinds of stuff until the end of October.  I was able to ride just about every weekend during this time so it helped ease the work pain.  Me, Todd and Jeff headed down to Portland to celebrate my 35th birthday and I am pretty sure I should have gotten in trouble.  Strippers, Hooka’s and lots of beer.  Right before heading to Portland Amy decided we were going to buy a house, I laughed and she applied for a loan.  This is of course the week before the market went to shit…..She got us pre-qaulified and we went shopping.  We looked at a few things and then did a hard day of looking and found a place and put in an offer.  The offer was pretty good for the condition of the place and the market conditions.  They countered with way way to much and we rejected it.  We found a place the next day and that is where I am typing this now.  The sad part is that house is still on the market and is being offered as a short sale almost 30k under what we offered.

During October we had the offer accepted on the house and the pain began.  I forgot how hard it was to buy a house.  I am sure it does not help that we were beginning one of the roughest economic times in American History.  That being said we closed on the house in less then 30 days which I thought was amazing.  We had been working on this for a few years and it finally came together which is amazing.

On November 2nd (1 business day late) we signed the loan docs and closed on the house the next day which lead to the second move in 10 months.  During November we moved into our new house and settled.  I hope to be here for a long time.

Thanksgiving came and went and then christmas and then new years…I met my hood and so far things are pretty good!  I am hoping this for next year end even better though it will be tough to beat all of that.

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