Been Awhile...Again

I know this blog is here but I feel like I never have time to write. I want to, I think about it but I forget or I am “to busy”. Its all BS I just never feel like it when I have the time but never have the time when I want to. I do have a bunch of posts on my iPad that I can I add but they are half assed.

Today is a big Sounder’s day! I am excited but at the time same time I am not ready for the game. I feel off for some reason. I feel like I can’t wake up, lethargic is not the word I would use more like spacey. That feeling when you first open your eyes but I can’t shake it. I have been like this the last couple of days and I have been trying to shake off some weird cold or airplane crud. Who knows but it makes me feel like I am a step behind. I hope that the vacation I start next week will help clear the cob webs and enjoy a bit of quiet time as well as gain some harmony.

Let’s talk Sounders real quick since its big game day. I have wanted to say on Twitter and Facebook how much I hate Portland and how much I think they need to die in a fire and all that crazy crap but all I have is the gut feeling of burning hate that I can’t get out on social media. This is suppose to be the biggest game basically in modern US soccer history. The USMNT Captain has back to the US in his prime to help us win a MLS cup. He has played 2 games 1 start, 1 sub. He has good lucks and quality movement but no goals. We are 1-1 with him on the field. 68k + will be there to see him tonight. 68k I am not even sure most Americans can even understand what that means. In soccer terms or “Proper Football” this game will be the 3rd largest in the world only out done by Manchester United and Bayern Munich, and not by much.

This game also brings as much passion as any “Derby” game in the world. Supporters groups pub teams have already played yesterday. The party started a few hours ago at the supporters pubs in town. Minus the idea of the hooligan fights, which may happen, there is a feeling of something that I have never felt in any sporting event. I have only seen this level of passion in Europe, at real rival matches. Matches which require riot cops. I do not have the final count of the official ticket allocation for Portland from the front office but I heard 1500. In most places its 10% and we are not even close so the numbers of friendly fans will out weigh in whats been called the loudest stadium in the US. We will find out about that later this year when Guinness Book of Records comes and tests it out.

I am sure the Tifo will be out tonight as we do every time Portland comes to town. Its always a great sight and brings pride to my city which always rings around the world with the supporter sites. The score line needs to be in the Sounders favor tonight for sure. There is no way around it, we MUST win our home games and find ways to pick up points on the road. Tonight will put us back into the play off picture, above the line and clear. It will have us 2 points behind Portland and 8 behind RSL with games in hand.

I guess I should be ready to rock. I hope I can wake the fuck up so I can get into this game. I should find what I am gonna wear tonight. I hope I have a good night on the high of a Eternal Blue and Forever Green win.

Next Post I will be talking about travel.

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