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Well I had mentioned a few weeks back I wanted to begin writing…

Well I have been but just not here. Though my activity has picked up the last few days I was gone from the net for a bit.

I was writing tech docs and such for work which as you can imagine is a lot of fun. I have been working on things like SQL script commenting and other fun docs. So I have been writing but just not here.

So what is this topic that I plan on writing about? Implementation! I have been looking for a good reference of software implementation for clients but there is none I can find. If you search wikipedia for the word implementation you get info on government and algorithms. Since its the world that I live in I thought I would begin the journey to put something in text for me.

Why the hell would I want to do something like that?? Well thats a great question. Over the last 3+ years I have been involved in implementation its come as a great suprise to people that they have to change.

Most people in a certian job or carear path may fear change as it disrupts the normal routine. This routine is how most worker bees function in life. going on their normal days attempting to do as little as possible and maximize their paycheck. Thats human nature, the way we operate. Some may find that when they attempt to fix a problem or correct a situation that they come across road blocks that others may put in their path.

Well when we (implementors) go to install and configure new software for a client thats what most see…road work ahead. Though some may take the time to learn the product most see the new product as a way to mess with their life. Destroy it in some ways. I have seen people retire over this very issue.

My goal with these posts will be to point out why implementations go bad. Where road blocks happen and where we can find ways to make it better.

Maybe with input from the outside world we can create a world where placing new software into a business environment can be smooth! Prepare the knowledge worker. Set them on the right path with the right mindset.

In parting I will leave a nugget of knowledge: Implementation can not be successful without stewardship. Taking care of and pride in something counts for 90% of its outcome!

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