Back to the Blog World

Its good to be back in the blog world.  I am happy again that I can get some stuff done.

It seems I have been in Seattle for a long time.  I am still here next week as well.  Then I am off to the other side of the county.  Kinda looking forward to that.  I am collecting thoughts that need to be posted.

I have made a choice that I am no longer concerned with what people find out by what they read here.  I am way tired of fighting it.  Feeling like I am restricted in what I can say really sucks ass.

I am ready to jump in and get my feet wet again.  As most of you who read have seen I have made many changes but I have been posting the last few weeks on a regular schedule.  This may have a lot to do with the changes that I have made over the last week or so.  I am back in the game.  Now to make this worth it.

More to come thats for sure.

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