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Well I have been playing alot of Oblivion and I know its driving some people crazy…

I do care about that but…its the bestest game ever.  I have really begun to learn the game.  I wish now I would have focused on some of the finer points of character creation.  I will have to make do with what I have though.  I am not going to spend another 30 hours getting where I am.

So what have I done in this time?  Well I have learned (twice) not to steal from your friends in the guild while in the guild.  I have also figured out how to do some leveling.  Increasing skills to make things better.  So I have to finish up one more piece to move up in the Mages Guild…Thank god.  I am also starting to focus on clearing caves and stuff.  Getting weapons and such.  Attempting to find good stuff to sell and making cash to buy better stuff.  I am also making the crap outta some potions so I have been collecting lots of plants to do that with.

Oh Oblivion…How I love thee

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