Back in Miami

Well I am back in Miami this week and though its not as hot this week, it is SUPER humid. Man I am sweating like a crazy person. its only like 88 but 100% humidity but I need some air. STUFFY. I am gonna take some pictures of the buildings here this week. I am really enjoying the whole Art Deco Look.
I have a strange romance with the art deco scene. To look at me you would never think it but I have a true since of style. I love the building and the furniture and everything about the period. The idea of being here walking down Collins around 14th or 15th street back in 1939 sounds so interesting. The Money, the people…The Gangsters hanging out…the whole scene sounds cool.
I thought that I would get those pictures taken last time but it didn’t happen. I need to do that today. I took a 42 block walk around the city and had a good time. I was pretty tired when I was done but it was fun.

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