Anthony Bourdain In Seattle

Last night I got to see Anthony Bourdain speak here in Seattle. Tickets were a bit much but well worth it. Anthony is funny and a great speaker. I am glad he didn’t come out and try to do something scripted. It was a wonderful off the cuff, open talk about the history of his TV show “No Reservations” and the shows future.

Anthony Bourdain has been one of my favorites for several years. I read his book Kitchen Confidentials back before it was still hard cover. I find the fact that he speaks as he writes to be an amazing quality. His speaking skills are top notch and he would be a great guy to listen recount his stories in a dirty bar with a beer.

The group at the Moore last night did surprise be. It was broken down into 3 groups of people, those who eat, those who cook and those who watch TV. I guess I fall into all 3 groups but I am sure the those who watch TV out numbered everyone. Since the title was “No Reservations” it doesn’t surprise me that the TV people out numbered everyone else. There was a group of chefs in small pockets which was good to see. I like the fact that Anthony has a following of professionals, not superstar chefs but line cooks, prep cooks and those who make kitchens work.

His nod to “Saint Julia” was great! His opening of recounting of Judges Table from Top Chef where Dale was sent home was over the top. I will never forget his quote of “..was like feltching Mrs. Buttersworth” had me in tears. I highly recommend if you ever have the chance to see him speak and have a thick skin go…just go.

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