Almost a Home....Owner

Well its Monday of closing week on the new house in Renton. It seems like things could fall apart at any time even though I have been on top of everything since the beginning. It seems its just I dotting and T crossing at this point but Friday can’t come soon enough.

We still need to do a final walk through this week, sign docs and finish the close. I am glad that we have a 14 day extension since it seems like there is just to much to do before Friday at 5pm. Oh yea and the loan has to be funded…you know the little things. I have not slept much since my birthday since this is when the whole process started. I have been trying to sleep but its been hard, its not the type of not sleeping like being productive but feeling sick and stressed.

This if anything has been a good thing overall because its gotten alot of my credit issues behind me. That alone should make me feel some what good but it only points out what a fuck up I was for about a 18 month black hole of depression. While things are better it pisses me off.

One thing I can say is people have been helpful this time for the most part. Pointed me to the right places and allowed me to get things in line. I guess I should be thankful that I am an out of the hole responsible person again…

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