About Me

Lee is a Cloud Technology Professional who loves to travel the globe, collect amazing friends and changing the world in his own little way.

Jack of all trades but master of none, he tackles everything with a drive that produces results.  He has been working in the Enterprise SaaS space for 12 years and ERP space before that.  He began his tech career as a developer with a focus on reporting and analytics.

Iceland, Germany, the Philippines, Singapore or just about anywhere else Lee can be found when he is not walking the streets of Seattle or San Francisco.  He is an Aviation Geek, loves airports and finds solace at 34k feet.

A small business owner of an amazing Tattoo shop adds an entrepreneur spin to Lee’s personal business life as well as lending himself to learn more about how to help small business grow their cloud stacks and grow their social media presence.

As a philanthropist he has helped grow #Sonarfeed from a small podcast to an annual charity event raising thousands of dollars for several local Seattle groups.

Believe it or not Lee still finds time to indulge in his biggest hobbies, music and soccer.  He is a Supporter of the Seattle Sounders and Eintracht Frankfurt as well as following leagues in England, Spain, Portugal and France.  At shows following Pop Punk, Irish Punk, Punk, Metal, Rock, Alt and Indie bands or just listening to some Hip Hop or Rap just to stay hip!  He also loves Formula 1 and tries to keep up with as many races as he can.