20k Feet and Climbing

Just took of from Seatac and we are about 20k and heading east. Iceland bound with a 645 am arrival. We lucked out and got the only row on the flight with only 2 people so Amy and I will be able to stretch out.

So glad o be getting out of town for a few days and getting to run around a what I hope is a pretty cool place. With all the up and coming bands coming out of Iceland i am hoping to check out a few while there. I am also hoping that I can see a review from the Of Monsters and Men show in Seattle while I visit their country.

Blue lagoon is on the radar and we are looking into snow mobile trips too. We will be on the lookout for cool stuff to do too. Pictures a plenty. I have 32 gig of card space and 32 gig of USB space so there is no shortage of high quality pics happening.

I hear they have salmon there but Amy does not eat Atlantic salmon cause she is spoiled. There should be plenty of options for her as i have seen plenty of ads for seafood places.

I want to find some wild puffins to get some shots of. We may try to do some whale watching if the weather is ok. No sense in heading out to sea to be miserable if the weather sucks. We are also thinking about a rental car and heading south to the beach like you do in Iceland in March.

Next stop Reykjavik!!

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